My role

UX/UI Design


Dec 2017 – Feb 2019

Tools Used

Balsamiq, Sketch


A car buying/selling marketplace designed to help users shop for vehicles by lifestyle as opposed to the more traditional ‘make & model’ approach. With a chat bot, users narrow down their vehicles of interest, save cars for later, chat with the seller and even book a test drive.

Chat Bot Experience

We wanted users to have a conversational approach to car buying without losing visibility into the filters being applied based on their responses. Users could interact with the chat bot and see how their responses affected the filters applied by how the filters appeared in the side panel. Those filters could then be removed or modified using the panel if desired.

Search Results & Saving Vehicles

Once the search criteria had been determined, users could then ‘Save’ or ‘Pass’ on vehicles in a Tinder-like car buying experience. If a user ‘liked’ a vehicle, the vehicle could be viewed again by navigating to the ‘Saved Vehicles’ section of the app.

Chat & Book a Test Drive

If a user liked a vehicle, there was the option to initiate a chat conversation with the dealer. One of Moeda’s chat features was the option for anonymity during this stage. The next step in the buying process was to then initiate a test drive using the test drive scheduling feature.

Profile Area

Finally, the profile area of the app allowed users to view their upcoming test drives, manage their account and control the amount of personal information they wanted to reveal to dealerships during their car buying experience.

Learning Outcomes

Working with a startup like Moeda was an exercise in iterating fast and pivoting our offering as required. It was also an interesting glimpse into the world of venture capital and seed funding. I enjoyed being part of a small and skilled agile team that collaborated well and delivered fast. Though my involved has come to an end, Moeda is an ongoing project that continues to be developed.