Number 41 Media

My role

UX Research

UX/UI Design


May 2018 – July 2019

Tools Used

Axure & Adobe Creative Suite


CDHBC’s Online Learning Plan and Registrant Application was ready for a refresh. The feedback heard from registrants was that the site was complex, repetitive and unclear. The College wanted a new Online Learning Plan that was easy to use and mobile friendly.

Initial UX Research

Our initial research began with interviewing dental hygienists across the province to learn more about the application and to hear from them first hand what was or wasn’t working. To do this, we visited a cross section of the province in terms of population size and region.

Heuristic Review

We conducted a Heuristic Review of some of the leading Learning Management Software solutions out there as part of our market research. Moodle, Docebo and Adobe Captivate Prime were among some of the platforms reviewed.

Concept & "Alpha" Wireframes

Next, we put together a concept proposal for CDHBC. It consisted of a simplified process, a more visualized learning experience, and dashboard with greater visual distinction between learning plans and visual indications of progress.

Once we had sign off on the initial concept, we created low fidelity wireframes of the application to solve the layout and interaction design challenges.

Visual Design

Number 41 Media’s Lead Designer proposed visual design mockups to CDHBC, which styled the application and provided a palette of colours to help distinguish the different learning plans.

Beta Wireframes & Usability Testing

Once the visual design and low fidelity wireframes were complete, we were ready to combine the two and take the application back to our initial interviewees for feedback and testing.

To do this we took the wireframes back on the road and tested with our audience by asking them to perform a series of key tasks in the application and documenting the results.

We used the usability testing feedback to further refine the designs. By this time, initial development activities were underway.

Product Launch & Results

The new OLP was developed, tested and launched in the summer of 2019. This project presented many challenges along the way due its scale and complexity, which made it all the more rewarding to see through to completion.

Though the application is only available to Dental Hygienists in BC, the public can visit the CDHBC website to learn more about the OLP and view their online training resources.